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Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive- 2021 Local Startup Meet-  2021

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“An idea can change the world” with this faith we aim at inculcating the zeal to innovate.


We help you to connect with the start-up ecosystem.

Workshops & Panel discussions

Developing a sense of teamwork and refining your thought process is one of our primary motives.


Networking with Entrepreneurs and participating in workshops would help you gain a practical experience of how a start-up functions.


Interacting with experienced Entrepreneurs and Mentors will help you to convert your dream to reality.

Funding Models

Few startups would get the opportunity to pitch their model in front of the investors thus raising capital required for the startup.


The Never-Ending Journey: The Journey Beyond Product-Market Fit

Many potentially great companies fail each year because, while they have an incredible product, they don’t figure out how to get it to market fast enough. Figuring out how to reach customers and break through to Product-Market-Fit remains one of the hardest parts of building a successful startup.

Validating an Idea: From Idea to Startup Success

You have an idea that you think can become the next Unicorn. But you also know that nearly 50% of start ups fail in their first year. You want to increase your odds of success. In this session, Ashwin Damera, co-founder and CEO of Eruditus will share his insights on how you can do just that. Using examples and case studies he will talk about the core issues that make or break a start up - product market fit, funding, team, unit economics, and execution needed to succeed.

Understanding Market Orientation: An Indispensable Element of A Successful Business

Market orientation is a business approach wherein the processes of product development and creation are focused on satisfying the needs of consumers. It is a type of marketing orientation technique that designs products with qualities that consumers want, which is completely different from the conventional marketing approach.

How entrepreneurs can scale fast and scale right - managing and balancing fast growth

Categorizing the problems and growth patterns of small businesses in a systematic way that is useful to entrepreneurs seems at first glance a hopeless task. Small businesses vary widely in size and capacity for growth. They are characterized by independence of action, differing organizational structures, and varied management styles.

Reinvention for a post-pandemic future

Amid today’s intense uncertainty we can discern key aspects of the new economic and social landscape beyond the peak of the pandemic, as some existing trends accelerate yet other trends reverse and new factors come to bear. The shape of the economy will be cast not just by the easing of social distancing but also the reconfiguring of industries, work, and the role of government. Every organization’s strategy must focus both on survival now, and active reinvention for what will necessarily be a substantially different post-pandemic environment. This extraordinary global disruption is an opportunity for the true leaders to catalyze a positive future for their organizations, industries, and communities.

Strategy driven path to Success: Financial Framework for Entrepreneurs

Financial Framework for Entrepreneurs will include Financial Statements, Delegation of Authorities, Risk Management, Control Framework, Segregation of Duties, Compliances, Audits and Behaviours to help them make strategic decisions, achieve major goals and solve complex problems, by collecting, analyzing and reporting the most useful information.



Panel Discussion